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Metform: A Leader in Steel Sheet Piling and Heavy Construction Products

by Metform Sales
Apr 16, 2024 10:55:52 AM

Metform International Ltd leads the front in shaping construction technology and ensuring that structural integrity is never compromised through the most cutting-edge and heavy-gauge rollforming equipment and tooling. At Metform we proudly speak of ourselves as the architects of some of the most critical infrastructures across the globe by giving solutions to face challenges from time and nature. The other area of our expertise is that of firm shoring and retaining wall structures against the forces of landslides, seawalls, and cofferdams in securing our ports and waterways. We are the main part of the structures anywhere in the world and, importantly, for human life they shore; bridges and tunnels, safety from water, and sewerage systems with our unbeaten mix of quality, innovation, and endurance.


For over 55+ years, Metform International Ltd. has been specializing in manufacturing and supplying the highest quality steel sheet piling and structural rollformed products as a symbol of our pride and integrity.

20160823_124523-2Our journey has been characterized by the development of heavy gauge roll forming lines capable of producing sheet piling sections for the most demanding construction projects. The heavy gauge roll forming process, a hallmark of our capability, involves the precision bending and shaping of metal sheets into desired profiles with tight tolerances. With the capacity to form piling sections up to 0.50” (12.5mm) material, our technology stands as a beacon of innovation in the industry.


Our piling range does not stop just at the sheet piles, but much beyond to offer a complete product and service spectrum conducive for heavy construction. From H-piles to Pipe piles, providing deep foundation support and the accessories between them and others: wales, pile caps, tie rods, and corners that enable the integrity of the sheet pile sections. Our catalogue is designed to integrate and holistically address the multifaceted needs our clients need to have met. Our fasteners and structural components hold your facilities together be it highway guardrail products, solar posts, or wide flange beams. When it comes to those things and many others, we've got you covered.


Sheet piling and structural products have applications in different sectors or projects that require either shoring or retaining walls for both structural and safety needs. The products manufactured by Metform International Ltd find quite a wide area of use; some of the fields of application include but are not limited to the following:as

Groundwork & Soil Retention

Ports & Waterways:

Storm & Levy Protection

Water & Sewers

Bridges & Tunnels

  • Groundwork & Soil Retention
  • Ports & Waterways:
  • Storm & Levy Protection
  • Water & Sewers
  • Bridges & Tunnels

Metform International Ltd is more than a manufacturer of heavy construction rollforming; it's a partnership in the future. We have a real commitment to quality, innovation, and resilience that ensures our products meet our customers' present needs and contribute mostly to the legacy of long-lasting Roll forming equipment

Post by Metform Sales
Apr 16, 2024 10:55:52 AM