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Metform began its involvement in the automotive industry over 20+ years ago when very few components in the vehicle were roll formed.  Specifically, car bumpers were transferred from the stamping process to roll forming as automotive designers were looking for higher-strength steels which could no longer be stamped without cracking.

At that time Metform helped develop equipment and tooling which could form these parts.  Now there are many parts on typical vehicles that are rollformed, which has become a cost-effective competitor to stamping.

Metform has significant experience in Forming Automotive Sections specifically utilizing UHSS (ultra-high strength steels).  More recently Metform has helped a major automotive company develop aluminum underbody sections.  As fuel economy demands increase aluminum will become more prevalent.

Tooling Is The Key

Metform understands the tolerances of automotive components are very stringent.  Our Roll Tooling engineers utilize their vast experience along with various important tools to design roll tooling that sets the standard in producing the highest quality parts. Using Copra FEA (Finite Element Analysis), as well as Metform’s standard proprietary tooling software, we’re able to produce highly optimized designs – a key component in what helps make us unique. 

PS Series Rafted Stands - The Accurate Tool Holder

The other key ingredient to producing a tight tolerance part is an accurate tool holder.  Metform utilizes its industry-unique PS (Precision Series) Stands to hold tight tolerances on automotive parts. After years of successful testing and utilizing software to optimize the design of the PS Stands, they have proven to be the most versatile and accurate stands in the roll forming industry.

  • 100 CNC machined
  • Best dimensional accuracy
  • Light yet strong raft plate weldment
  • Easily adaptable to different mills
  • Lower cost

Metform has the right equipment, tooling expertise and project management capabilities to provide a full turnkey automotive line in your modern manufacturing operation.

Call us for more details on how we can help you develop your competitive advantage.


Typical Rollformed Automotive Components:

  • Truck Beds

  • Cross Sills

  • Bumpers & Bumper Plates

  • Side Impact Beams

  • Roof Bows

  • Welded Structural Sections

  • Seat Supports

  • Seat Tracks

  • Rockers

  • Sliding Door Tracks