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Metform International (5)

Your Trusted Rollforming & Coil Processing Partner

Metform has provided Rollforming Machines and Coil Processing Equipment for over 55+ years. Our expertise has helped manufacturers in industries such as automotive, metal building, steel processors and custom roll form companies reduce costs and improve quality. Our standard equipment designs have proven longevity in the industry.



Choosing Metform for All Your Rollforming and Coil Processing Projects

Our Global clientele relies on us to provide them with innovative and reliable solutions that enhance their quality and productivity. Whether you need custom tooling, high-performance machines, or complete turnkey rollforming systems, we have the expertise and experience to meet your requirements. Metform machines are built to last, with robust design and premium quality components. Many of our machines are still running smoothly after three decades of service. That’s why Metform is the trusted partner for all rollforming and coil processing solutions. Request a quote today to find out how we can help you achieve your needs.